Repeal the 8th is an anthology I edited, published by Unbound in 2018.

It is a collection of stories, essays, poetry and art inspired by and emerging from the movement for reproductive rights in Ireland, which culminated in the successful referendum to repeal Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortion in 2018.

Here are some reviews and press:
- Anne Enright’s essay in The Guardian
- “It is impossible to cover every item in Mullally’s fine collection but I wouldn’t be without the cool, measured philosophy of Anne Enright or Ailbhe Smith.” - The Irish Times
- Six new anthologies to make you smarter - Dazed
- “A deeply compassionate and powerful insight into the movement” - The Irish Examiner
- Favourite Books of 2018 - The Progressive
- “The Repeal the 8th anthology captures a moment, a movement” - The Skinny
- The Stinging Fly
- “Remarkable and enduring” - TN2
- “An effective and convincing collection” - The New European
- “A snapshot of Ireland at a turning point” - The Sunday Business Post